Film Projects

Projects I have been working on

Big Hero 6 - The Series (2018)
Role: Character Animator

Lego Elves Webisode 14 (2016)
Role: Character Animator, Costume Designer

Lego Elves Webisode 13 (2016)
Role: Designing costumes

"Let's Do This" - Lego Elves Sing-along Music Video (2016)
Role: Character Animator

Lego Elves Webisode 10 (2016)
Role: Posing Dragons for Animation

Lego Elves Webisode 9 (2016)
Role: Posing Dragons for Animation

Lego Elves Webisode 8 (2016)
Role: Posing Dragons for Animation, Character Animator, Crowd Designer

Lego Elves Webisode 7 (2016)
Role: Posing Dragons for Animation, Character Animator

Lego Elves Webisode 6 (2016)
Role: Posing Dragons for Animation, Character Animator

Knutsen og Ludvigsen og den fæle Rasputin (2015)
Role: Character Animator

Bachelor Project: Parrot Away (2014)
Role: Character Animator, Character Designer

Commercial Project (2013)
(Commercial done for The Roskilde Festival)
Role: Animator, Character Designer, Storyboard 

Trailer Project (2013)
Role: Animator

Short Short Film (2012)
Role: Animator, Character Designer

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